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Chicago Habitat Responses

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  • Today's Objective:

    I can analyze the problems in my neigborhood, and take action by communicating to my Alderman. 


  • Procedures:

    1. Do things IN ORDER from top to bottom, and follow all directions.

    2. As you go down, click on the links (there are directions underneath the links as well.

    3. When you close your computer, Mr. Rezac will know that you are done and ready to continue.

  • Part One: Introduction


  • Read this article, answer the question below, then CLOSE your computer so Mr. Rezac knows you're done.
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    Why do you think that the Roscoe Village cougar came into Chicago in the first place?

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  • Part Two: Daily Dilemma

    After Mr. Rezac does the K W L, answer the Daily Dilemma on the Wilderness Classroom Site for today. Click on the link below. 

  • Click here to go to today's Daily Dilemma.
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  •  Part Three: What do we Want to know? 

    What do you want to know about Chicago's Habitat? To find a link or content, do a Google Search. What search terms should we use? Once you have found a link, cut and paste it into the space below.

  • Click on this link to do a google search.
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    Paste the web address of the content you found in the space below. 

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    Summarize the web page or content you found. What does this have to do with Chicago's habitat? 

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  • What have we learned through our research? Finish the L with Mr. Rezac. 

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