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Collaborate by Making Subgroups

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  • Let’s say you wanted to create project teams in a class/group. You can do that using the CREATE A SUBGROUP function. Creating subgroups is useful for class projects because it enables you to do things like:

    • Give team feedback
    • Create team forums
    • Manage team roster including attendance

    To create a subgroup, start by navigating to the group page for your class. You must be the administrator/owner of the group to make subgroups.

    If a member is removed from the parent group he or she will be removed from the subgroup as well.

  • DO THIS:

    • Click the ADD GROUP button in the GROUPS section
  • This takes you to the ADD GROUP page, as seen in the screen image above.

    DO THIS:

    • Click the CREATE A SUBGROUP button
  • Note that a list of your group members appears on the Create a Subgroup page with checkboxes. This will enable you to select the members for the new team you are creating.

    DO THIS:

    • Complete the information fields
    • Name the team and enter a description
    • Select the subgroup members you want. (In this example, let’s say you want a 2 person team with members JohnD and LizD.)
    • When you’re finished, click CREATE A SUBGROUP

    This will take you to the EDIT GROUP page for your new team (see screen image below.)

  • Now you can add a picture to help personalize and identify the subgroup.

    You can also create a JOIN CODE. Use a join code if you want Ecto users from outside the group to be able to join the subgroup. If the subgroup will consist only of individuals from the larger group, then it is NOT necessary to enter a join code.

    When the new subgroup members log in to their accounts, the new subgroup will appear in the Groups section of their home page. For example, when the JohnD logs (see screen image below) he sees the new subgroup/team with Liz added to his Groups list.

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