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Module 3: Online Resources

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  • This video that is posted on YouTube shows the beginning learner how to use Ecto. Since the Workplace Safety Training course is located on the EctoLearning CMS, it is important for the distance learner to understand how to navigate the Ecto website. Students should watch this video prior to starting the training course.
  • This website provides a list of ten tips to consider when participating in an online discussion forum. For students who have not participated in an online course before or who have little to no experience with discussion forums, this resource will provide them with the accepted dos and don’ts that we will all adhere to. Within this course, students are expected to participate in a discussion forum, including creating posts and responding to one another with appropriate feedback. Students should read th
  • This site is designed to give beginning distance learners some information on how to use PowerPoint. Since some of the presentations that will be used in the Safety Training are done in PowerPoint, this will be a useful resource for the distance learner. The students should view this prior to the start of the course so they have an understanding of how to use PowerPoint.
  • YouTube is one of the largest resources for videos on the internet. The new learner can usually find helpful videos as well as post videos of their own. This site offers 6 tips on how to use YouTube.com for uploading videos and also has some useful functions listed in the sidebar area.
  • The provided resource offers some basic tips for participating in a webinar. The topics on this site include preparation, agenda review, scheduling, time management and participation. Distance learners are expected to read and adhere to these guidelines, which will create an environment more conducive to the learning that must take place. It is expected that learners will read the information a few days prior to the assigned webinar so that they are fully prepared on the given day.
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