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Section VII

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  • Manipulating Bitmaps

    Bitmaps are also accepted as assets to use in Flash, and this includes png, jpeg, gif, psd, and many other file formats. It is important to understand that each of these files have very specific uses and they also have different file sizes which adds another worry for the user.

    Learning objectives for this section

    • Recognize the several different options accepted in Flash for images.
    • Learn to use the bitmap properties palette.
    • Learn all the information provided in the bitmap properties palette and the significance of each to the animator.
    • Control and manage all the different options in the bitmap properties palette to edit images.
    • Learn to compress images to control file size.
    • Become aware of quality reduction when optimizing and or compressing images.
    • Learn the concept of moving images to create a movie.
    • Lean to import a sequence of images to create a movie.
    • Recognize the importance of controlling the fps for movies to take into account the computer hardware of the viewer.
    • Learn the importance of maintaining the aspect ratios of movies and or images.
    • Create simple tittles.
    • Learn to convert images to vector images.
    • Learn the meaning of masking in Flash.
    • Create simple masking using an image and simple text.
    • Learn to animate a simple mask.
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