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Letter to Alderman

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  • Today's Objective:

    I can analyze the problems in my neigborhood, and take action by communicating to my Alderman. 


  • Procedures:

    1. Do things IN ORDER from top to bottom, and follow all directions.

    2. As you go down, click on the links (there are directions underneath the links as well.

    3. When you close your computer, Mr. Rezac will know that you are done and ready to continue.

  • Part One: Writing a Letter to the Alderman

    Today we will take action by writing our alderman. Below is a file. Click on that file and write a clear letter to our Alderman. This should be one paragraph (5-6 sentences), and should be free of grammar mistakes and punctuation errors.

    Remember we want to tell him WHY we are writing, WHAT we want him to do, and ASK him a question that you want him to answer. This should be pretty brief.

  • Letter to Alderman Template.doc (31.5KB)
    Click on this file template, fill in the blanks. Make sure to spell check your work before you submit the file back to Mr. Rezac.
  • The next item is worth 5.00 points
    Once you have finished your file, make sure to File -> Save As "LastName_First", then submit it here. When they are approved we will mail them to the Alderman in bulk.
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