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Gradebook Navigation

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  • Once you have opened a pop-up window for a particular question and a particular student, you do not need to close it in order to continue grading the other students. Instead, use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the pop-up window.

    These buttons correspond to the gradebook matrix for the learning page, which was on the previous screen.  The buttons allow you to navigate this matrix.

    Let’s take a look at the buttons from left to right.

    Previous user / Next User – These buttons will move you to the previous or next student in the list for the same question that you are currently working on--in this case Q1. In other words, by clicking Next User in this example, you would be moving down the Q1 column to the next student’s multichoice answer.

    Previous section / Next Section – These buttons will move you to the previous or next section in the list for the same student that you are current working on—in this case JohnD. In other words by clicking Next Section in this example, you would be moving across JohnD’s row in the gradebook to his Q2 short answer question. In the screen image above the Previous Screen button is inactive because you are in the Q1 column—the column already furthest to the left.

    So, let’s say that we clicked the NEXT USER button….

  • The next student in the list is LizD, so we move down the Q1 column to her Q1 answer.  Looks like LizD answered incorrectly.
  • Suppose that instead of clicking NEXT USER, we had clicked NEXT SECTION. This would have taken us to the column to the right, Q2 for JohnD. See below.
  • This is how the gradebook pop-up looks for the short answer essay question.

    At the top of the screen in the student’s answer.

    Notice that there is a point field. Enter a point total here for the grade.

    Also notice the comment field. This is where you enter feedback.

    When you are done, click the DONE button.
  • When you close the pop-up window, you will see that the point totals displayed for the questions you graded. In this example, note that your grade for JohnD’s Q2 answer is now displayed. The green checkmarks in the rows below indicate items that have been completed by the students but which you have not yet graded.
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