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Section IV

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  • Section IV: Building a simple website

    Adobe Flash started out as an application that was used primarily for simple animations. Flash has progressed and embarked on other delivery methods including web design, games and many other interactive projects. Web designers are discovering not only the power of building websites using Flash, but also that the option of using Flash for web design continues to grow and expand to many areas beyond the entertainment industry.

    Learning objectives for this section

    • Determine the size, color and other necessary document settings depending on the vision of each student.
    • Create several shapes and objects to design a simple background depending on the preferences of each student.
    • Arrange all objects (shapes, pictures, lines, text, etc.) on the stage for congruity.  
    • Select proper colors to ensure color match congruity.
    • Keep projects organized by naming all labels in both the layers stack and in the library and save as frequent as possible to avoid production time and creativity.
    • Create a simple in-place animation (slideshow).
    • Learn to control the snapping options in Flash.
    • Learn to align objects on the stage by using rulers.
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