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Motion Guides & Ease In & Out Controls

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  • Section VI continued: Using Motion Guides (Ease In and Out Controls)

    Normally, Flash would create all the in-between animation between two specific keyframes including the way a shape is animated in those frames. But Flash also provides the user additional controls for controlling how a shape is animated within those frames. Motion Guides are those additional controls that can be used to specifically tell Flash how an object is moved in an animation.

    Learning objectives for this section

    • Recognize the use for motion guides.
    • Become familiar and identify the buttons and tools for creating motion guides.
    • Learn to re-size photographs by using the properties palette.
    • Create a simple animation of an object falling from top to the bottom of the min stage.
    • Insert a motion guide layer.
    • Draw a path for the motion guides using the pencil tool.
    • Identify the options in the properties palette for orienting to path in easing motion guides.
    • Control the speed of the motion guides by using both methods.
    • Learn to control the speed of guides in the control ease in and out graph.
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