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Module 3: Online Resources

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  • The attached resource will provide learners with the training necessary to attend the required live webinar hosted through Elluminate. Learners are expected to complete the online orientation and read through the linked documentation. This will enable them to participate in the webinar with minimal difficulty and the greatest opportunity for success. Should students have questions regarding Elluminate, they should refer to this site for answers.
  • This website provides a list of ten tips to consider when participating in an online discussion forum. For students who have not participated in an online course before or who have little to no experience with discussion forums, then this resource will provide them with the accepted dos and don’ts that we will all adhere to. Within this course, students are expected to participate in a discussion forum, including creating posts and responding to one another with appropriate feedback. Students should read th
  • Within this course, students will download and view various PowerPoint presentations that will provide step-by-step instructions for workplace safety. Should students have questions regarding PowerPoint or do not have experience using it, they should participate in this online tutorial, which will provide information on a range of topics, including opening, saving, and printing a presentation. This should be completed prior to the start of the course so that students are prepared for the course requirements
  • The provided resource offers five basic tips for participating in a webinar, a requirement of the current course. Learners are expected to read and adhere to these guidelines, which will create an environment more conducive to the learning that must take place. It is expected that learners will read the information a few days prior to the assigned webinar so that they are fully prepared on the given day.
  • The videos provided during this course will be hosted on YouTube’s platform and linked to the course website. Participants are expected to watch these within a given time frame. For learners who are not adept at watching online videos or who would like more information about how to do so, this resource will prove to be valuable. Learners should look through the list of topics to find answers to questions prior to the course deadline.
  • Students should read through the following resources in an effort to increase their chances for success in the upcoming workplace safety course. This should include reading the resource description and completing the tutorial or watching the video that is linked through the title.

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