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Blend Modes & Filters

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  • Section V continued: Blend Modes and Filters

    Internally, Flash has simple but very powerful photo editing capabilities such as filter and blending modes that enhance flash project to new levels of creativity. The filters and blending modes are only limited by the imagination, creativity and time of the user and it is based on the need per project.

    Learning objectives for this section

    • Locate in the properties palette and the main menu the tool for applying blend modes and filters.
    • Identify the necessary elements for successfully applying blend modes.
    • Recognize the meaning of the base and the blending element.
    • Learn that for blend modes to be applied successfully, objects need to be either movie clips or buttons.  
    • Identify the objects that filters may be applied to.
    • Learn to copy filters to apply them to other objects.
    • Manage and control all the options available in the properties palette once an filter or a blend mode has been applied to an object. 
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