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Section I

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  • Section I: Drawing and coloring

    Although Flash is not known as a drawing and coloring software, it does have internal drawing and coloring tools that provide the user unlimited creativity and production power. When creating simple drawings and coloring assets that do not require a great deal of manipulation, Flash is the best option to create them from within the program.

    Learning objectives for this section

    • Identify and learn all drawing and coloring tools such as the pencil, pen, rectangle, lines, oval, brush, ink bottle, paint bucket, eye dropper and eraser.
    • Acquire basic skills using all the drawing and coloring tools.
    • Recognize and differentiate between the stage and the pasteboard.
    • Identify strokes and fills.
    • Learn to manipulate all the properties for each tool using the properties palette.
    • Learn the differences and uses for both solid shapes and those comprised of a mesh.
    • Learn to select and or deselect the merging options, and exercise caution when creating and merging objects by knowing when the merge tool is active or inactive.
    • Create negatives using the merge tool.
    • Perform simple grouping and ungrouping of objects.
    • Create and manipulate simple gradients using as many pointers as needed.
    • Identify the color and no color button.
    • Use the drawing tools to draw different shapes, lines, fill color, erase unneeded lines, shapes, etc.
    • Recognize the different ways of positioning and re-sizing objects on a document, including using the properties palette positioning and re-sizing options.
    • Practice tracing and or drawing with the pen tool.
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