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Webinar Orientation

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    Technology Tools
  • Blog: Blogging or web logging, is a form of online reporting and journaling.  Writers of blogs are often referred to as bloggers.  Bloggers can express their opinion and views and share them with anyone who reads their blog. 

    Chat Room: A virtual room where individuals can interact live by sending each other messages.

    Discussion Board: A virtual message board, where participants post comments and messages on a given topic. 

    Media Sharing Sites: Websites that allow users to share various content such as audio, image and document files.  

    Podcast: Audio and/or video recordings available on the internet for downloading and playback on MP3 players.

    PowerPoint: Software that allows users to create personalized slideshow presentations.

    Webinar: A web based seminar.  A workshop or lecture presented over the web. 

    Web Conference: Software service that allows conference events to be shared among various locations in real time. 

    Wiki: A website that allows different users to create and edit its content collaboratively. 

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    Learner Tips
  •      Learning online can seem daunting to those that are new to distance learning.  However there are key characteristics that are common among online learners.  These attributes allow distance learners to thrive in online educational environments.      

         Time management and organization are key characteristics of successful online learners.  Authors Michinov et al, found that lack of time and procrastination were the main causes of failure in online courses.  It is important to set aside specific time for distance classes.  It can be easy to let daily responsibilities and tasks take priority.  Designating specific days and times for school can assist you with making it a part of your weekly routine.  Writing down weekly assignments can be very beneficial.  It will allow you to keep track of your course obligations.      

         Self-motivation is another attribute of successful online learners.  Often times in distant learning environments, there is no one there to push you and remind you to stay on track.  It is imperative that you challenge and motivate yourself to persevere.  Stay focused on your career or personal goals.  Remember why you are enhancing your education.  Keeping your long-term goals in sight will help motivate you.  In a study on E-learners, it was found that, “success as online learners ultimately depended more on self-determination than on institutional support” (Beaudoin et al, 2009). 

  •      A successful online learner must also be open to actively participate.  Distant learning depends heavily on student participation.  Students are often required to participate in class discussion and collaborate on group work.  Sharing insightful and thoughtful opinions helps create engaging class discussions.  Actively participating insures that you will get the most out of your online learning experience.          

         It is helpful to build a relationship with your instructor/facilitator.  Do not be afraid to ask questions and seek support.  They are there to assist you with your learning experience.  Your instructor/facilitator can provide valuable feedback throughout the course.  Make sure to utilize their talents/services to enhance your experience.      

         While it is important to seek support when needed, another characteristic of online learners is independence.  It is important to be comfortable with working alone with limited support.  It is important to learn the various resources that are available to you, and to be able to utilize them on your own.  Successful online learners are confident in their capabilities.  They are comfortable working independently as well as in groups.      

         Successful online learners have strong time management and organizational skills.  They are self-motivated and willing to actively participate in class.  They are able to work independently but know when to ask for help when needed.  These attributes allow students to achieve great success in distant learning environments.      


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  •      The following resources will assist you in preparing for your upcoming webinar.  Please utilize them as needed.  These “resources for success” will show you how to properly participate in the live webinar. 

    eHow: How to Attend a Webinar, (2011). Retrieved from:           http://www.ehow.com/how_4444143_attend-webinar.html?ref=Track2&utm_source=ask

    This resource will provide you with 5 easy steps on how to access and join a webinar.  It also provides tips and warnings for proper webinar participation. 

    eLearningCentre: Participating in a discussion forum, (2010). Retrieved from:            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l4JKPZ6XRw

    This video will show you how to access, post and participate in a discussion board forum.   

    Osborn, A. (2005). What is web conferencing and why has it become integral in today’s         business world. Retrieved from: http://www.web-conferencing-zone.com/what-is-web-conferencing.htm

    This article provides insight to what web conferencing is and how it is beneficial in the world of business.  It also provides a listing of several web conferencing resources that will assist you in preparing for the live webinar. 

  • UCol: How to Participate in a Forum, (2011). Retrieved from:   http://moodle.ucol.ac.nz/mod/book/view.php?id=5305&chapterid=663

    This will provide you with simple step by steps on how to participate in a forum or discussion board. This will allow you to properly provide feedback and information during your webinar.   

    Webinar Intro, (2009). Retrieved from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUCaGQGsGWs           

    This 4 minute video will show you how to participate in a webinar.  It gives you great tools on how to navigate the webinar site.  It also provides tips and support information on how to participate in a webinar. 

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