DescriptionI'm 11 years old. I'm nice smart and active.I like sports. I am popular at my school.I know lots about computers. I like to play video games. My 2 favorite sports are baseball and football. I am a Cubs and Bears fan. Sox Suck. Well that is about it.
Tags / Keywordsim cool, active, smart, play video games, know lots about computers
Shared Emailgunnarschiferl@yahoo.com
AIMBaseball Guy23
CountryUnited States
Languages SpokenEnglish
Interestssports like baseball, football, xbox 360, halo 3, call of duty 4, computers,
Booksdiary of a wimpy kid,animal books
Musicparty like a rock star, Buy U a Drank, Low, Kiss Kiss,Soulja Boy, Take You There, T-Pain, Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, Akon, Usher, Sean Kingston
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