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NameBart Bolton
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DescriptionMarried to Cynthia, 3 children, 5 grandchildren, live in Upton, MA - Over 40 years in the IT field; currently facilitate leadership development programs for SIM and clients; have written many articles for The Advisory Council as well as holding teleconferences for them on leadership related topics; deliver presentations on leadership topics to various IT audiences.
Tags / KeywordsLeadership Development
Interestsfamily, friends, golf, piano, travel, continuous learning
BooksThe Nibble Theory & the Kernel of Power (Jamison)
Authentic Leadership (George)
First, Break All The Rules (Buckingham)
The Zen of Listening (Shafir)
Leadership Passages (Dotlich)
Authors: Kotter, Lencioni, Bennis, Ludlum
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