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NameNaima Benali
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DescriptionThe idea of my engagement in this community and anywhere else is to get in contact with like minded individuals and organisms in different constellations with the aim to contribute to any constructive human activity for a sustainable future for all the people of our planet! In the process I want and hope to establish and promote any good and persistent cross-over contact/ activity in different fields and from diverse perspectives on a mutual, respectful, co-existential and trans-cultural dialogue! I am also open to all contacts regarding any matter on collaborating or developing different global action-platforms/ projects for peace-, freedom- and social framework. My sign: A Salute for Peace and Freedom as Human Rights! My mission is the humanity, my nation is the Earth and my religion is the Peace!
Tags / Keywordspeace, humanity, freedom, sustainable entrepreneurship, environment, justice, art, architecture, travel, knowledge
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