Top 3 Study Apps for Students

Students and smartphones always go hand in hand, but not necessarily for the most productive reasons. What a shame! When it's loaded with the right apps, any smartphone can become a powerful ally for learning and all-around productivity tool. For anyone reading this who’s a serious student looking to add an edge to their studying habits, here are the three top study related apps that are absolute must-haves!

Office Mobile

Unless you’re allergic to computers, chances are you're already using Microsoft Office as your tool of choice for creating written documents as well as spreadsheets and presentations. But did you know you can also view, edit and share those same files and materials from your smartphone? Office Mobile is free, it's available for iOS and Android. It’s a great way to keep track of your assignments, essays and presentations on the go, and ideal for using any idle moments to be productive.


If you aren’t using Dropbox yet, you absolutely should pick up the pace. This is the tool of choice for managing and sharing files as well as developing group projects that involve collaborative remote working. Once you get in the habit of uploading your ongoing workload to the cloud, you'll realize that you can truly get work done from anywhere, anytime, using any gadget that will connect to the Internet. Not only will this benefit your productivity, but you’ll realize how your old-fashioned work habits have been holding you back and making you lose time and energy.


For the modern age book worms, Scribd is a must-have application. Think of it as the Netflix of books: an inexpensive service that will give you access to a huge library comprised of millions of traditional books, as well as audiobooks and useful documents. This app will help you find the study materials you need, and it will make it very simple to manage your reading across multiple devices.

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