Ecto Connect™ is used to deliver mission critical project based applications that capture and extend corporate social and intellectual capital.

Ecto Connect™ is the only system of this type to be built from the ground up on the principles and architecture of Web 2.0 software.

Ecto Connect™ is immediately usable for project teams across the hall, across town or around the globe that work toward the delivery of products and services that will facilitate business processes and innovation.


Collaborate with your network of colleagues, partners and clients, connecting you with your knowledge across the hall, across town, and across the globe. With Ecto Connect you can collaborate spontaneously with your vast network of collaborators, colleagues, friends and associates in ways that were simply impossible before.



Ecto Connect is user-centered and is designed to allow anyone with proper credentials to connect and communicate with everyone in the network, group or team independent of their place in the organization using content relevant to the group. This type of communication enhances innovation, intellectual and social capital and provides the group with an increased effectiveness.


Content Sharing

Ecto Connect lets your users create, maintain and share their own content across the organization and across the globe via the Ecto Connect library. Content in the library can be of any form including external bookmarks, office documents, multimedia such as movies, podcasts and Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. It always stays alive and fresh by virtue of its real time use.

Live Collaboration with AT&T Connect!

Ecto is happy to unveil its newest collaboration capability -- live conferencing with AT&T Connect!

This new feature adds a powerful component for bringing your communities together with integrated voice, web and video conferencing � right from your community and group dashboards!

Invite guests to your meeting at no extra cost.

Options for 25, 50 and 100 participants.

Attend a virtual meeting by regular phone, VoIP or PC!

Works with your existing Outlook Calendar!


Easy to use


Deploy projects and applications immediately and intuitively with no software to download, install or maintain. Sign in and use!!

Increase and manage social  and intellectual capital


A light technological model gives the user instant access to projects, applications, teams, individuals and content which is contained in secure libraries and repositories.

Integrated messaging


Collaboration and online discussions with individuals, teams, projects and groups is instantaneous and easy.

Track projects, content and people internally or world wide


Teams, groups and people are always current on events, processes and content automatically no matter where they may be in the world.

Extensive search


Relevant search capabilities for content, members, teams and groups are built into the Ecto libraries and repositories.

User oriented


Users can engage in blogs, multi-threaded discussions and forums thereby increasing corporate social and intellectual capital.



Ecto is completely scalable both in bandwidth and content.

Content types


Practically any content type can be shared including RSS feeds, Office documents (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.), .pdf, Images, Video and Podcast.