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Attendees of WilayahLC's Sirah course based on the book "Muhammad (pbuh): The Messenger of Islam" by Hajjah Amina Adil

This is the online learning/discussion/sharing/Q&A portal for you. This is free of charge. Feel free to post and review lessons and exchange contact infos, course notes, and any relevant information and documents you wish to share. 


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The newspaper news (reporter Liang Shuang Liu Xingli correspondent Lv Lishen) in "Chinese sound" in the program, there was a curtain made a deep impression on the audience: the coach outlet store online contestant Jin Zhiwen's fiancee spent two days one night, by Jin Zhiwen posted is full of stones "most flash microphone stand".This trick is Wuhan a woman to her husband, license plate because diamond shining, did not think of, yesterday was penalties for traffic police.

At ten coach factory outlet twenty yesterday morning, East Lake new technology development unit of a squadron leader Zhang Song in the national road patrol, in Tsim Sha Tsui East intelligent garden door found a car number plate for the A5GS23 white Mazda illegal parking, vehicle license plate under the irradiation of sunlight, especially dazzling iridescent, individual letters because the blinding flash can not see.

Approached, Zhang Songcai found, the car number plate imitation diamond Sequin decorated.

The police immediately to check vehicle, driver Liu and his wife are in the car.Zhang Song told the driver, license plates are issued by public security organs of unified standard number, can not be altered, but, with stones, number plate in the strong sun will produce a dazzling effect, can not see, can not be coach outlet online reflective of night.

Liu said the driver "wrong": "wife is entirely for the number plate of the vehicle look -- at that time, see the 'voice', she imitated Jin Zhiwen's fiancee, spent three or four hours, a little bit of the diamond paste up, I really do not know in violation of the traffic law."On the police education after Liu, "deliberately defaced license plate" he was fined 200 yuan, deducted 6 points.After the police explanation, Liu of punishment result accept.Core tips

Do clothing business in Zhengzhou yesterday abnormal depressed Mr. Tang, who after the crash, find each other theories, on the car 150000 yuan in cash by others.While these cash, when he came from the bank was removed in 20 minutes.At present, Zhengzhou Jie Road police station on louis vuitton purses the investigation into the case.

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Bank money, way to sudden crash

Last night 6 when, in cheap coach handbags the Yangtze River Road, near to see Mr. Tang and he bumped the car.Collision is a Hang Yu A licenses this car, can see the car right front bumper was carded.

Mr. Tang said, he do clothing business in Zhengzhou.Yesterday morning, to a road near Zhang Weizhai bank took $150000 in cash, prepared to pay workers."At that time, I get 150000 yuan in cash all fitted to the bank gives the black plastic bag."He recalled, at 11 a.m., he carried 150000 yuan in cash out of the bank.

Mr. Tang to produce the withdrawal slip proof of its day, indeed from the Agricultural Bank of China branch in South Sanhuan extracted 150000 yuan in cash.

With the car Mr. Tang's sister said, she sits in the copilot position, mother sat in the back row.The money was put in it, the copilot seat between the gear armrest.After fetching money, brother drive ready to go back to the South Sanhuan nearby home.

When Mr. Tang driving along the Beijing-Guangzhou road about 400 meters, a sudden rush of silver van hit the back, "when my car Dodge, the front side of the tail into a van.After the crash, van did not stop, but to move on.I want each other to hit a car, also escape, will drive up."

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With the escaping party theory,

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The newspaper news (reporter Chen Xia) coach outlet store online this year 7 years old dragons, because once the edible three deer powdered milk cause kidney stones.In 2011 September, the Consumers Association of Gansu province agency, Sanlu Group, one-time to the dragons to compensate for 28000 yuan.At a time when the dragon's parents have divorced, dragon was raised by his father, the compensation was to receive.In order to fight for their legitimate rights and interests, the dragons will father to court for compensation.In November 15th of this year, Yongdeng county court verdict, dragons father in the judgment comes into coach factory outlet force 10 days to return the damages of 28000 yuan of dragons.

Dragon born in 2005 January, at the age of 5 because of emotional problems parents divorce, dragon was raised by.Dragon born after the frail, coach outlet online often need hospital treatment after diagnosis, dragons, because the edible three deer powdered milk cause kidney stones.In September 22, 2011, the Consumers Association of Gansu province agency, Sanlu Group, one-time to the dragons to compensate for 28000 yuan, but the money was father Wang Yun to receive, and not delivered dragons follow-up treatment.In many times for no fruit after 2012 June, dragons, accompanied by his mother, his father to court, demanded the return of 28000 yuan of compensation.

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It might only be modern plaster poured into an ancient hole,

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finding, in their own ways, last weekend.Hundreds of families sat down to lunch

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relatives, but by strangers from foreign lands. tenderly embracing in their final moments - and

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a silent indictment of the hollowness of the relationship between Bergman

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and Sanders.In a small, cosy flat in the rather drab Prague suburb of Strasnice, two families were

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getting to know each other.They already had quite a lot in common. Both couples were in

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. Kenneth, however, is from Lagos, and his wife, too, is Nigerian.

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This lunch - in Jiri and Leona's flat - was the first time the two couples had laid eyes upon each other.

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