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We just released the Ecto search function.  It searches the local Ecto libarary for content, pages and groups.  In addition it searches youTube and  Flickr and we also created an easy jump to do a Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Wikipedia search as well.

The best part is that if you are accessing the search from a learning page that you are creating you can  add the content into your page with one click.

Try it out, it is pretty cool!


jerica_chan on Nov 18
does it have everything on those sites?

Truls (admin) on Nov 21
Right now it is limited to the top search results for those sites. In the near future we will add paging so that you can page through the other results as well.

jerica_chan on Nov 21

shenghuo on Sep 24

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Chambers on Nov 14
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ccccc on Nov 14

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Chambers on Nov 21
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sgagssaaa on Nov 21
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hayes on Dec 04
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linzikai123 on Dec 04
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Mad Men star Jessica Pare kept it simple in navy tweed, model Julie Henderson wore a pearl-adorned off-white design, and Rose Byrne worked all black; her messy up-do and pyramid-shaped bag looked perfect too.Blake Lively was stunning in a silver and pale pink silk dress. Plunging and with expertly-placed pleats, the back was supported with sparkling chains. With her signature loose blonde locks and Louboutin heels, the 25 year-old actress looked the best coach outlet store online of them all.The final instalment of Jean Paul louis vuitton outlet Gaultier‘s three-piece Limited Edition collection for Diet Coke has arrived, and it seems instating him as creative director was one of the best things the soft drinks giant could have done; and that’s saying something. Not only was Coca Cola the first soft drink in space, but they pretty much invented the Santa Claus we know and love today.

Gaultier’s new Diet coach purses outlet Coke bottle design, ‘Tattoo’, celebrates the designer’s love of body art and he employed JPG fan Daisy Lowe for the campaign. “I love Jean Paul Gaultier’s designs, they’re so iconic,” she says. “Gaultier creates clothes that make women feel powerful and feminine.” coach outlet Bringing the bottle to life, she models the tattoo design herself; an easy feat with her curvaceous figure.Too excited for the advert to come out? Here’s a behind-the-scenes clip of the making of the new Diet Coke campaign coach outlet online featuring the delightful British model…‘Tattoo’ joins ‘Night’ (which referenced Gaultier’s famous cone bra) and ‘Day’ which worked with the Breton stripe. Purchase two bottles of regular 500ml Diet Coke in a single transaction from selected Boots stores from cheap coach handbags 17th October and you’ll bag yourself a ‘Tattoo’ bottle completely free. Alternatively, you can buy it individually for £1.95.Animal print may not have been the biggest trend for autumn/winter 2012-13 but it was still there as ever; lurking in the background, ready to pounce, and in the most unlikely of http://www.discountcoachhandbags.net collections sometimes too. Occasionally in-your-face and undeniably bold (see Roberto Cavalli’s jaguar coach outlet online and python print clash, as well as DKNY’s leopard print) but otherwise subtle coach factory outlet and rather serene, animal print works best in dribs and drabs this season.

Amongst the signature Missoni print louis vuitton purses was an out-of-the-ordinary giraffe pattern, whose terracotta hue melded beautifully with the rest of the collection. At Viktor & Rolf, it was all about pyjama silk and varying animal prints found themselves on floor-length dresses. In a similarly wispy fashion, animal print was perhaps most artfully incorporated at Balenciaga where coach outlet leopard and zebra print covered the bust and skirts asymmetrically. And it was even subtler at Giambattista Valli with just a touch of snake print.

Rather unexpected in a collection full of modern day gothic glamour, a leopard pattern smouldered against revealing, floor-length, velvet dresses at Gucci – an absolutely beautiful invention.One of the best things about autumn is statement jewellery. Sure, you can wear it in summer if you so wis

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associated with several worried problem. This specific branch with knowledge generally gives you using the people Christian Louboutin Shoes today featuring musculoskeletal difficulties. The problem propagates ordinarily in the spines and also has an effect on actual well-being simply by restless program. The key treatments comprises actual exercise, combined replacement unit as well as other different alternatives including direction.
can often be mentioned that they are all-around 95%. It's one other way associated with telling that 95% of http://www.shopchristianlouboutinshoesstore.com persons get rid of funds alternatively compared to make money, if you might be heading to spend cash, really do not it become upon your self? Chiropractic gurus are usually those people health people that are uneasy inside verdict, medication approach as well as deterrence
Not to imply that your cut-throat model, options, ambitious, nonetheless ultimately failed to display the Michael Kors Bags Sale idea, but there's more function, therefore you must have the capacity to find your own whom you will be, in which the capacity, recognise the idea, after which it build some of our Michael Kors Outlet primary competitiveness. Therefore POST claim that will when China's current market to enhance primary competitiveness,
I do believe that is a major theme, quite a great matter. I believe inside China and taiwan in the future long timeframe, since the labor expense is anxious, since the marketplace encouraging speaking, that nonetheless features the bonus. Other locations which includes Southeast Asia, in which his market thus full, while you are sometimes a tiny bit
would not end up being of virtually any force or difficulty the federal government that will michaelkorsoutlet-onlinesale.com apply enviromentally friendly insurance policies, regardless of whether the federal government created an intensive environment legislation, but if the folks do not receive the particular initiative to help follow every single, and then Also one of the best topographical legislation cannot be realized the required outcome.
problem all of them are inquiring right now, while there are too many Coach Factory to be able to rely around, yet just what Let me display a person, may be the key necessary aspects that your advertising and marketing plus advertising course ought of do for you personally. An excellent over the internet advertising program have to be competent to fashion a technique based mostly around the object that you'll be

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Of those, most will be in convertible form, according to IDC analyst David Daoud. Further blurring the distinction between kinds of devices, about a quarter of upcoming Windows 8 gadgets will be tablets that can easily act as laptops with the help of keyboard accessories, he added. But buyers may have to wait until the second half of the year to see many of them.
Dow Louis Vuitton Taschen will be represented by David Bernick of Boies, Schiller & Flexner. The plaintiffs will be represented by Joe Goldberg of Freedman Boyd Hollander Goldberg Urias & Ward; Michael Guzman of Kellogg, Huber, Hansen, Todd, Evans & Figel; and Kit Pierson of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll. The trial is expected to last six to seven weeks. Other defendants in the case have settled. In 2006 Bayer AG agreed to pay $55 million. louisvuittonforgemany In 2011 Huntsman International LLC agreed to pay $33 million and BASF Corp agreed to pay $51 million.
Sharp mortgaged its domestic factories and offices to secure emergency financing from lenders including Mizuho Financial Group and Mitsubishi Financial Group, limiting its ability to raise cash from asset sales. In December Qualcomm Inc agreed to invest as much as $120 million in Sharp, giving it a boost in its effort to remain viable. As part christian louboutin shoes outlet of the agreement Qualcomm, through its Pixtronix subsidiary, will work with Sharp - which supplies screens to Apple Inc for its latest iPhone - to develop new power-saving screens based on Sharp's IGZO technology.
"Investment focus for 2013 is shifting to economically sensitive areas as global christian louboutin shoes sale recovery takes place, boosting commodities prices," said Naohiro Niimura, a partner at research and consulting firm Market Risk Advisory. The rally in platinum prices to 3-month highs this week, regaining its premium over gold for the first time since March 2012, is an indication of investors turning more proactive about taking risks, he said. U.S. crude was down 0.2 percent at $94.05 a barrel while Brent was steady around $109.64. Dow was one of several chemical company defendants named in a class action lawsuit that started nine years ago. But Dow was the only defendant not to settle and is scheduled to go trial on Wednesday coach factory in federal court in Kansas City, Kansas.
It's going to force the company to make significant investments," said Ken Herbert, an analyst at Imperial Capital in San Francisco. The shares of GS Yuasa Corp, a Japanese firm that makes batteries for the Dreamliner, tumbled 4.7 percent in early Thursday trading in Tokyo. The stock has dropped 18 percent since January 7 when one of its batteries exploded in a parked Japan Airlines 787 http://www.louisvuittonforgemany.de at Boston Logan International Airport - one of several recent mishaps that have plagued the new lightweight, fuel-efficient jetliner.

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for about $1.46 billion in cash, allowing it to broaden its products and services.McKesson reported a profit of $259 million, or $1.10 a share, down LV outlet from $521 million, or $2.09 a share, a year earlier. Excluding acquisition-related charges and other items, earnings were $1.45 in the latest period.Revenue was down 3.4% to $30.62 billion.Analysts polled by Thomson www.louisvuitton.com Reuters most recently projected earnings of $2.30 a share on revenue of $32.01 billion.Gross Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags margin widened to 6.5% from 5.8%. Operating expenses jumped 19%.Distribution solutions revenue was down 3.7% to $29.71 billion, while technology solutions revenue rose 6.2% to $913 million.For the new fiscal year, the company projected adjusted earnings of $7.90 and $8.20 a share, compared with estimates of $8.06.
Although we're not satisfied that our top-line growth remained louis vuitton handbags below our long-term target, our results show that we've built solid underlying momentum. And I'm confident that we'll deliver our 2013 commitments."Mondelez reported a first-quarter profit of $568 million, or 32 cents Louis Vuitton 2013 a share, down from $813 million, or 46 cents a share, a year earlier. Excluding acquisition, restrucuturing and integration-relaed impacts and other items, adjusted earnings from continuing operations were up at 34 Louis Vuitton Outlet Online cents a share from 31 cents.Revenue edged up 0.9% to $8.7 billion. However, on an organic basis, which typically excludes foreign-exchange rates, acquisitions and divestitures--revenue increased 3.8%. The company said the pass-through Louis Vuitton of lower coffee prices tempered sales growth by 1.3 percentage point.
Some political leaders continue to generate one manufactured crisis after the next,” Lew said, in a speech at the City Club of louis vuitton wallets Cleveland.ECONOMY AND POLITICS | @MKTWEconomicsHousing wealth having more limited impactSpending as home prices rise is more restrained than in past.? Fed taper talk may be premature 'QE-xcuse' doesn't add up to stock Louis vuitton Outlet gainsThese standoffs and shortsighted maneuvers are a drag on our economy. And they undermine confidence, which is a key driver of economic activity,” he added.Republicans continue to insist they will not raise Louis Vuitton purses taxes to lower the deficit. The Obama administration wants a balanced package of spending cuts and about $600 billion in higher revenue.

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