Global Learning

Do you think doing joint projects with students in foreign countries is a valuable learning experience? Let us know what you think and why.


Antonio_Gonzalez on Oct 17
It actually depends on what you are doing and it also depends if it is needed to install language packs. I tried to install 1 before but it said I had to pay for it.

Truls (admin) on Oct 19
Ecto is setup to handle double byte character sets. Like you point out, the computer you use also needs to have the character sets available. You should be able to get the character sets for free. I have not needed to pay for the character sets that I have used in the past.

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Chambers on Nov 11
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Chambers on Nov 14
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Ivy0 on Nov 14
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lctkbsja on Nov 20
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Chambers on Nov 21
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sgagssaaa on Nov 21
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hayes on Dec 04
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