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Ein schreibtisch höhenverstellbar  Stuhl erleichtert Ihnen das Aufstehen von Ihrem Stuhl und vermeidet die quälenden Schmerzen und Beschwerden, die das Sitzen den ganzen Tag über mit sich bringt. Die besten henverstellbarer schreibtisch sind verstellbar, bequem und passen in verschiedene Höhen – so können Sie sich wohler fühlen und effizienter arbeiten.


Tags: web

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Tags: web

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Adobe Flash Online Course

Introduction Adobe Flash is a powerful tool that is being used for web design,games, and many other interactive media applications. It is essential for all students to start from the very beginning and learn the basics about the application to be able to understand and apply their design using Flash. Learning the basic will facilitate the students with the use of Flash and be able to progress to more complex assignments using Flash. This course will be structured in small sections to provide students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and to also see their progress as they complete the assignments provided in each section. Each section will also have a video in which the instructor will demonstrate how to perform each task, step by step to facilitate learning and provide immediate visuals of how each task should be completed. This course also provide in each section with all the necessary content and assets to the students to complete their assignments without the need to look around for pictures and other material for their assignments. This is an introductory course about Adobe Flash, including learning about the function all the buttons, icons, etc., how to create simple animations, text animations, motion tweening, etc. just to name a few of the several learning goals of the course. Please see the syllabus and learn more about this introductory course.

Relational DataBase Management Systems

RDBMS unit materials for HNC Web Development & Multimedia

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