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Foundations of Metaphysics

At The University of New Age Science, we are very pleased to offer this complimentary course in Metaphysics to not only our students, but all who are interested in this fascinating subject. This course will look into defining metaphysics, look at the many sub-fields associated with the discipline, as well as answer some of the most basic, but important philosophical questions pertaining to this New Thought Science.

General Knowledge of Science

Tags: science

A study of philosophy of scientific process, biological science, computational science, scientific development process, and scientific conflicts and technology.

Ms. Gamberg's Class

Division 313

Miss Curran's Class

Division 314

Division 211

Mr. Delgado's Class

OR 99-00 Science Grade 5

Oregon 1999-00 Science Benchmark 2 Grade 5

OH 2004 Science Grade 9

Ohio Proficiency Summer 2004 Grade 9

OH Science 2004 Grade 9

Ohio Proficiency Test 2004 Science Grade 9

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