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Bhakti Varnashram Civilization

A group dedicated to learning about the various facets of Bhakti Varnashram Civilization, which is a time, place and circumstance expression of The Chaitanya Vaishnava Sampradaya. Subject matter covered includes Political Science, Jurisprudence, Economics, Education, Agriculture, Cottage Industry, Philosophy, Religion [Metaphysics - Yoga - Meditation], Sociology, Self Improvement, Psychology, Leadership, Management and others relevant to the design, development and proliferation of an alternative social system. An important objective is to establish a network of self-reliant villages in advance of the coming global collapse initiated by Peak Oil and Fossil Fuel Depletion, leading to a Dark Age Transit.

Foundations of Metaphysics

At The University of New Age Science, we are very pleased to offer this complimentary course in Metaphysics to not only our students, but all who are interested in this fascinating subject. This course will look into defining metaphysics, look at the many sub-fields associated with the discipline, as well as answer some of the most basic, but important philosophical questions pertaining to this New Thought Science.

Islam and the World

A group designed to interact and dialogs as to what Islam is and its role in the world. All questions, suggestions are welcome just as long as they are appropriate to the discussion and are thought out, rational, and respectful.

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