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The Club

This club has a bunch of games to play, but i suggest that you don't use this in school.So tell everyone you know on ecto to join.If you want to contact me then shoot me an e-mail at bryanpadilla123@gmail.com. BTW the join code is:theclub update:Oscar is the new tag leader!!!

What people are saying about Ecto

A collection of short clips of students and teachers using Ecto

Ecto Help

This group is setup to develop and maintain the help pages in Ecto

Intro to Ecto

Look we are using Ecto to teach you about Ecto. That is like meta meta. Well anyhow, this course is open to everyone. Join us and get a primer on what Ecto can do for you.


Tags: ecto


Ecto Pages

Tags: ecto info

This is where we can create Ecto system pages such as "about", "contact us", etc.

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