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Asynchronous Training Cohort

This group will participate in an asynchronous training module for a certified project management course.

La Técnica del Bypass

Cómo ahorrarte las llamadas de larga distancia, configurando tu red con la nueva tecnología de Voz sobre IP (VoIP). Un programa de gran interacción con el educando, en donde éste aprende a programar ruteadores Cisco, para que el tráfico de voz fluya por la WAN IP, en vez de hacerlo por la red convencional de telefonía.

Learning and ICT

Test group to find users how are also into Learning with ICT tools. Hopefully also Dutch collegaes find us here but everybody is welcome.

Design and Evaluation of DLRs

Tags: e-learning

Module on the Foundation Degree in e-learning at the University of Huddersfield

Best Practice Models for e-learning

...to see how ecto works. The purpose of this group is to produce a ‘guide’ to ecto which we can post back to our Moodle site...

What people are saying about Ecto

A collection of short clips of students and teachers using Ecto

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