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Computer Basics

Upon completion of this training, staff should be able to: • Describe the relationship between computer hardware and software. • Identify the parts of a typical microcomputer system. • List the peripheral devices that are typically found on microcomputer systems. • Start, configure, and shut down a Windows-based PC. • Perform basic file management tasks, including finding, moving, copying, deleting computer files. • Create, format, and finalize a Word document. • Manipulate an Excel spreadsheet. • Create, reply to, and forward e-mail messages, send e-mail attachments, and troubleshoot common e-mail problems. • Discuss and define threats to computers, including environmental hazards, physical damage, and viruses. • Troubleshoot some basic computer problems.

Asynchronous Training Cohort

This group will participate in an asynchronous training module for a certified project management course.

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