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  • Use the graph to answer the next question. What do you predict the United States population will be in 2005?

    400 million
    200 million
    300 million
    275 million

    created by State of Oregon

  • Use the timeline to answer the next question. Based on the timeline, which of these statements is NOT true?

    Castillo de San Marcos is an older city than St. Augustine.
    St. Augustine celebrated its 400th birthday in 1965.
    Menendez built St. Augustine.
    Florida became a state after 1800.

    created by State of Oregon

  • Use the timeline to answer the next question. Which of these statements below can you infer by using the St. Augustine timeline?

    St. Augustine is a new city in Florida.
    St. Augustine was founded in 1750.
    St. Augustine has been a city for over 400 years.
    St. Augustine was founded after Florida became a state.

    created by State of Oregon

  • Use the graph below to answer the following question. Which reason best explains the sharp decrease in tobacco prices from 1618 to 1631

    Indentured servants filled the labor shortage allowing more tobacco to be cheaply produced.
    Native American demand for tobacco used for ceremonial purposes declined as Indian nations were relocated.
    European countries purchased their tobacco from other countries resulting in less production required.
    Production of tobacco dropped due to a severe labor shortage in the United States.

    created by State of Oregon

  • During the Enlightenment, a number of writers explored the relationship between governments and the people they governed. For example, Rousseau wrote The Social Contract, in which he examined ideas about majority will and the common good. How did these ideas influence the American and French Revolutions?

    They encouraged loyalty to established governments.
    They supported movements for social and political change.
    They encouraged the formation of American and French constitutional monarchies.
    They supported the efforts of governments to maintain control over their subjects.

    created by State of Ohio

  • One factor that motivated U.S. imperialism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries was the

    development of closer political ties with European nations.
    closing of China to all foreign trade.
    support of international peacekeeping operations.
    acquisition of new markets and sources of raw materials.

    created by State of Ohio

  • One effect of industrialization in the United States in the late 19th century was

    a decrease in child labor.
    an increase in demand for handicraft goods.
    a decrease in immigration to the United States.
    an increase in urbanization.

    created by State of Ohio

  • Natural law was a fundamental idea of the Enlightenment. Which concept is an application of natural law to the government’s role in the economic lives of its citizens?

    free markets based on supply and demand
    government control to achieve a favorable balance of trade.
    agriculture based on tenant farming and serfdom.
    lower taxes on the most privileged groups in society.

    created by State of Ohio

  • During World War II, Japanese- Americans were relocated from their homes on the West Coast of the United States to internment camps in the U.S. interior. This action indicated a widespread fear that Japanese-Americans were

    a threat to national security.
    members of the Communist Party
    competitors for jobs in wartime factories
    immigrating to the United States in large numbers.

    created by State of Ohio

  • At the end of World War II, Soviet armies liberated the countries of Eastern Europe from Nazi Germany. The occupation of these countries by the Soviet Union contributed to the development of the Cold War by

    contributing to conflict in the Middle East.
    bringing about the reunification of Germany.
    strengthening the authority of the United Nations.
    dividing Europe into communist and non-communist spheres.

    created by State of Ohio

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