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  • On Inauguration Day, the President of the United States takes an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Which of the following is the only action consistent with this oath?

    deporting foreign citizens who criticize the United States
    determining what newspapers should write about
    requiring students to begin the school day with a prayer
    allowing protest groups to assemble in front of the White House

    created by State of Ohio

  • In a recent election, citizens cast their votes for a candidate and that candidate was elected directly by the voters. Which of the following positions was filled in the election?

    U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
    Vice President of the United States
    member of the House of Representatives
    President of the United States

    created by State of Ohio

  • Several candidates in one party have been running for President in primary elections. All the candidates have delegates who support them, but none has a majority of the delegates. What is the primary reason the delegates attend their party’s national political convention?

    to give speeches on national television
    to provide large campaign contributions to their candidates
    to determine which candidate will receive the party’s nomination
    to give advice to party leaders on election tactics

    created by State of Ohio

  • Which of the following events is most likely to occur under a dictatorship?

    A ruler comes to power through free elections.
    Citizens voluntarily follow laws passed by their representatives.
    A king or queen shares power with a parliament.
    A leader gains power by overthrowing another leader by force.

    created by State of Ohio

  • In a representative democracy such as the United States, which of the following statements best explains the significance of the word “representative”?

    The Democrats control the House of Representatives and the Republicans control the Senate.
    Elected government officials are representatives of the people.
    In the nation’s courts, lawyers are representatives of their clients.
    Representatives from special interest groups try to influence legislators.

    created by State of Ohio

  • Enforcing the state laws of Ohio is the responsibility of the

    General Assembly.
    Ohio Supreme Court.
    representatives to Congress.

    created by State of Ohio

  • A United States company produces products that it sells both in the United States and overseas. Which levels of government may tax the company?

    local government only
    state government only
    national government only
    local, state, and national governments

    created by State of Ohio

  • To which of the following public offices would a person normally be appointed?

    Attorney General of Ohio
    U.S. district judge for Ohio
    Governor of Ohio
    U.S. Senator from Ohio

    created by State of Ohio

  • Which government decides how old you have to be to apply for a driver’s license?

    the state government
    the national government
    the city government
    the county government

    created by State of Ohio

  • The main function of the legislative branch of state governments is to

    interpret laws.
    make laws.
    veto laws.
    administer laws.

    created by State of Ohio

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