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  • Governor Stone is running for re-election. In a letter to the editor of a local newspaper, a citizen writes: The past four years have been devastating for our state. Governor Stone hasn’t done anything but make speeches and raise money for his next political campaign. The average family has less today than it did four years ago. In another letter, Governor Stone replies: The economy of our state is stronger than it was four years ago. The average family income has increased three percent, after adjustments for inflation. School funding has increased 23 percent. The state repaved 5,000 miles of four-lane highway. If re-elected, you can count on me to continue to improve the quality of life in our state. Governor Stone’s statement could be reliable because

    it was printed in the newspaper.
    Governor Stone is an elected official.
    it contains information that can be verified.
    the original letter writer represents the average family.

    created by State of Ohio

  • Actions such as those shown in the picture helped bring about

    the decision in Plessy v. Ferguson.
    the decision in Brown v. Board of Education.
    the 19th Amendment.
    the 26th Amendment.

    created by State of Ohio

  • A newspaper prints an article on a controversial political issue. This article could be considered biased if its author

    formed logical conclusions based on fact.
    contacted supporters of only one side.
    presented statistical information on the issue.
    included information that had not been published before.

    created by State of Ohio

  • As British rule in India came to an end, violence sparked by religious differences between Hindus and Muslims led to the decision by Britain to divide the country into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. However, after the partition, many Muslims still lived within the borders of Hindu India. The perception of Hindus and Muslims that the cultural differences between them were greater than their similarities led to

    invasion by neighboring countries.
    a return to British rule to establish order.
    continued violence and many refugees.
    the end of democratic government in India.

    created by State of Ohio

  • The League of Nations was created after World War I as a forum for resolving international conflicts. However, the League was unable to resolve tensions that led to World War II. One factor that contributed to the ineffectiveness of the League was the

    breakup of colonial empires in Africa and Asia.
    decision of the United States not to join the League.
    opposition of League members to the Treaty of Versailles.
    rise of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

    created by State of Ohio

  • The data above support the thesis that between 1990 and 2000

    the price of newspapers decreased steadily.
    information in newspapers became more reliable.
    people became more informed about world events.
    people decreasingly relied on newspapers as a source of information.

    created by State of Ohio

  • In a democracy, the source of authority for the government is the

    head of state.

    created by State of Ohio

  • Here are two points of view about a local landfill. From a local citizens group: “Unless the local landfill is closed down, the health of community residents will continue to suffer. The cost of finding a new landfill site is no longer the issue. Far more important are the proven health risks of toxic waste leakage.” From a county environmental safety official: “While there is always some health risk from landfills, the risk from our local landfill has proven to be very small. However, capacity is becoming a problem. Whatever the cost, we will need to find a new landfill site within the next year or the health of our citizens will become a real concern.” Which statement about the two points of view presented above is accurate?

    The point of view of the county official includes data to support it.
    The point of view of the citizens group is composed of facts.
    Both points of view fail to mention their sources of information.
    Both points of view include support from reliable sources of information.

    created by State of Ohio

  • A local politician believes that allowing graffiti artists to paint on a designated wall in a city park would reduce illegal graffiti in other parts of the city. Which statement would help support this thesis?

    Many people in the city do not approve of graffiti.
    Graffiti has appeared on buildings in many parts of the city.
    Illegal graffiti is not protected by the right to free speech.
    Similar programs have reduced illegal graffiti in other cities.

    created by State of Ohio

  • At a public meeting, community residents will be able to comment on a proposal for a new city park. The live broadcast of the meeting will likely be a credible source of information about the meeting attendees’ feelings about the proposed park because

    the speakers’ opinions will be unbiased.
    the speakers will be heard in their own words.
    television makes presentations more interesting.
    many journalists and citizens will be in the audience.

    created by State of Ohio

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