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  • Orientation: This class will be comprised of both online and in class assignments.


    To access the online portion of the class the student will need to go the following website:  http://ectolearning.com/Default.aspx


    Click on “sign up now – it’s free” button and create a login and password.


    Once you have the logged in and followed the directions onscreen to create your group go the section on the lower left of “Associated Groups/Communities”. Click on “Add Group” and when prompted enter the join code of “AromaOne”. This will add you to the class group page called “Aromatherapy”.


    Please view the Assignments section to do the assignments due for class. See the Content section on how to use each of the sections appropriately. Click on each of the selections to learn how to use the sections.


    To return to the Group page click on My Groups, select the group to return to the group main page.


    The online format will be comprised of the following:

    Group Blog

    Q & A





    There will be a list of Members on the left. This will show your classmates in a list.

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