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Introduction to Salon Startup1

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  • Welcome to the Nash Academy Salon Startup course!  




    If you have considered starting your own pet grooming business, you have come to the right place!  The Salon Startup Course will help you with the challenges and opportunities of being your own boss!  In Course One, we will  your examine your entrepreneurial path, learn about profits and losses  and began to create the justification you need to ask a bank or friends and family for money to start your business.


    Course One


    On your Own: What is an Entrepreneur, and what is it like having my own business?


    Thinking it Through: Business Planning


    Counting Beans: Mastering the Numbers


    Getting the Money: Where and how to get money to start


    Here are the specific objectives and accomplishments you can expect in Course One:



    Course Objectives – Course One


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