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Collaborate by Making Joint Groups

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  • If you want to collaborate with another class/group in Ecto you will use the Create a Joint Group function. For instance you might want to engage in a cultural exchange with a foreign school that is also using Ecto.

    A joint group is a group that combines the membership of your group and another group. For example, a fifth grade class could have a joint group with fifth graders in India.

    If a member is added or removed from your group, he or she will be added or removed from the joint group as well.

    To create a joint group, first navigate to the group page for your class. You must be the administrator/owner of the group to make joint groups.


  • DO THIS:

    • Click the ADD GROUP button in the GROUPS section
  • This takes you to the ADD GROUP page, as seen in the screen image above.

    DO THIS:

    • Click the CREATE A JOINT GROUP button
  • At this point you have two options.

    You can join all the members of your group to another existing group, or

    You can create a new, third group, which will contain all the members of your group and all the members of the other existing group

    Usually you will want to choose the second option and create a new group for the joint group. For instance if you wanted to conduct a collaborative project with a foreign school, rather than merge your actual groups you would most likely want to create a special joint group for the project.

    Let’s say we want to make a joint group with a foreign school.

    DO THIS:

    • Type the name of the foreign school’s group in the SEARCH FOR GROUP field
    • Click the SEARCH button
  • We search for a group at a Norwegian school called “Sinsen.” Notice that the search retrieved one result “Sinsen Skole (demo).”

    DO THIS:

    • Once you have found the group you want to collaborate with, click the SELECT button


  • DO THIS:

    • Complete the information fields
    • When you are finished, click CREATE NEW GROUP
  • Note that Ecto then takes you to the new group page for the joint group you just created.

    Note that Dr_B’s Biology course is listed as one of the joint groups.

    The Sinsen group is listed under pending joint group invites. When the owner of the Sinsen group logs in he or she will be asked to accept or decline the invitation to join the new joint group.


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