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  • “I thought I could make it without an education, and for a while I did, but I soon realized that in order to get a top-paying job in the “real world,” in order to get ahead in life instead of just getting by, I needed an education,” she said. She is studying business management and chose the University of Phoenix because it offered her both a convenient location for classes and the option on college essay writing help. “I am especially impressed with the on-line program. The classes are available 24 hours a day. I just simply log into the class I am attending and participate in the discussions whenever it’s convenient for my schedule, and I am talking to students from all over the United States,” said. Richard Kim, 27, of Weymouth went back to school at the University of Phoenix to work on his management skills. He is studying health care finance while he continues to work two jobs, at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates in Somerville and his own videography business. Going to school in Braintree allows him to keep making money while he sharpens his skills. “I thought it would be tough returning to school, but honestly, flexibility of the program is excellent,” he said. Massasoit Community College, which has campuses in Brockton and Canton, offers students certificate programs and courses leading to an associate’s degree. Rebecca Shipman Hurst is chairwoman of the school’s human services program. “It is a joy to teach someone who is older, and who has life experience,” she said. “They have a frame of reference that allows them to relate to and identify with the subject matter. Education is about life, and older students are smack dab in the middle of life.”
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