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Module 1 - Overview of Technology Tool

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  •                                Technology Tool Overview

                                          Workplace Safety 


    Microsoft Live Meeting (Webinar)

    This is web site for online collaborative scenario among the facilitator and the audience. The student will have to download the software into their PC to enable them participate in the live webinar. Date and time will be scheduled for the students to enable get prepared and not miss it.  A link will be sent to all the students directing them register to view the live webinar. Students are expected to sign in to Microsoft office live meeting to view. During this webinar, students will observe a presentation on workplace safety and question and answers will be entertain. The webinar is required for all participants.



    Forum (Discussion Board)
    This section in Ectolearning (CMS) has different modules for the course through which students are expect to participate in a forum discussion regarding specific workplace safety topics. Within this forum, students are expected to post their discussions into the different modules. Within this forum, students are expected to post thoughtful responses to safety topics and feedback to one another.

    Wikispace (Wiki)
    Students will participate in a wiki in which they will discuss workplace safety topics as designated by the course syllabus. They are expected to sign up and invite the members of their group for group project. It is required for all students to participate.

    There are various presentations which will be made available to students throughout the course. This presentation will be in PDF format enabling the students to download and view on their personal computers. It will content the documentation of the course content displaying the step-by-step instruction in each of the module.

    all the videos that will be use  be in .mpeg or mp3 format and will be included in the course content as a resources material in each of the module for the students to view. It can be linked to their internet location on YouTube be recorded in multimedia scenario. Students will not need to download the videos, but will be able to view them on the course website.

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