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  •  The Gulf Stream, 1899 Winslow Homer (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
  • The weeks passed. We saw no sign either of a ship or of drifting remains to show that there were other people in the world. The whole sea was ours, and, with all the gates of the horizon open, real peace and freedom were wafted down from the firmament itself.

    It was as though the fresh salt tang in the air, and all the blue purity that surrounded us had washed and cleansed both body and soul. To us on the raft the great problems of civilized man appeared false and illusory--like perverted products of the human mind. Only the elements mattered. And the elements seemed to ignore the little raft. Or perhaps they accepted it as a natural object, which did not break the harmony of the sea but adapted itself to current and sea like bird and fish. Instead of being a fearsome enemy, flinging itself at us, the elements had become a reliable friend which steadily and surely helped us onward. While wind and waves pushed and propelled, the ocean current lay under us and pulled, straight toward our goal.

    Thor Heyerdahl, from Kon-Tiki

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