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  • Getting Ready For The Assignment

    This task is here to help you to prepare for the assignment. 

    Web 2.0 is taking over the web.  Websites such as MySpace, YouTube and Facebook are proving to be more popular.  Working in groups, search the web to find some of the better web 2.0 sites.  Once you have found the best two use the blog to discuss your findings.  Some of the points you should consider include: what makes these better than traditional web sites, features they offer, popularity and interaction. 

    Once you have finished this, create a page on Ecto dedicated to Web 2.0 and use some of the features Ecto offers.

  • What is Web 2.0? (by flexbeta, 3min 0sec long)
    description: It's one of the biggest buzzwords out there, but what exactly does it mean? Andy Gutmans of Zend defines Web 2.0 and explains how it's changing the face of the Internet. Host: Andy Gutmans, Co-founder and VP, Zend Length: 00:03:02
    tags: Web 2.0
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